“Apocalypse Now” is a great movie, with a theme that can accurately sum up my blog.  War derives from nefarious madness.  It is a grown man’s folly.  It is chaos; a violent chaos that turns turns death arbitrary and leaves everything ravished.

In Apocalypse now is set during the Vietnam War.  It is an odyssey of sorts, where the narrator, Captain Williard, is hired to assassinate a high ranking officer (Kurtz) who they say has “gone crazy,” gone native, and has started his own colony-like establishment with natives.  This launches Williard into a journey filled with struggle and an assortment of comrads.  In the end, he descends upon Kurtz’s community, where he has assumed the role of god, ruler, and ultimate

War, as I have wrote in previous blogs, is ridiculous — an absurd phenomenon that takes common men and turns them into killing machines, with little regard for other humans if pegged as the “enemy.”  Our reasons for entering a conflict, as is the case of Vietnam, are illogical and as the fighting increases we find it even harder to cope with the losses, when we are not even sure what we are fighting for.

Throughout the film from the time Williard is assigned the assassination and when he confronts Kurtz, question if his mission to kill him.  He sees the chaos, the intense madness and begins to align with the “extreme,” unsound thoughts of the general. In the end he fulfills his mission to kill Kurtz, but this is not without understanding his insanity.

Many violent conflicts in recent years, including the ones I have exhibited in my blog, are atrocities.  Many are atrocities happening NOW.  It seems we must look in retrospect to realize just how wrong it was to engage, fight, and let the conflicts exist/continue.

All in all, I hold firm to my beliefs that war is unnecessary and from the first hand account through the texts I have read for my English course I have affirmation that violence is, however trite, horrific and incredibly futile.

I still, and always will, believe in the power of one.  One voice can be quite loud, let us not forget this.  One opposition to something horrible can, and does, spark a fire.


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